Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It's been a year!!! OMG!!!

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OMG!!!!! Its been a year i didnt update my blog!! Was so busy with baking,working and house stuffs. Well im a mommy with two kids which is 3 and 1 years old  kids... Have learnt lots of things and have been tru so many trouble BUT thank to GOD im able facing it with all of HIS help and strength that HE given to me.

BTW will come up with lots of pics of cake / cupcake and will up with our new prices for 2014.

AND i am so exciting for my 1st baking class that started on 16/11/2013.... wish me luck guys.... :)

Stay tuned with our update dear friends :)


Ludia's Cupcakes

Thursday, 24 January 2013

~ Blog Updating!!!and more pics to come ~

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Its been an ages guys!!!!Punya sibuk sampai sampai tak de masa nak update blog ne....Tak pe tak pe....kami skrg dlm process meng "update" blog ne dgn gambar2 cake terbaru and kami juga akn kongsikan tips2 and resipi untuk santapan kamu semua ;)

Regards :

Ludia's Cupcake ;)

Sunday, 15 July 2012

~ CUpcakes~

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Here another Bday cupcakes.....

~12 pcs (m) Size ~
~ Butter Vanilla~
~ Topping - Cream Cheese and Buttercream~

~ Birthday Cupcakes~

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Dah lama tak updated gambar baru kan...

sangat2 busy these few months...Nak share gambar B'day Cupcakes...Enjoy the Pictures yea,,,,

~ 12 Pcs of Marble Cupcakes~
~ FOndant~

p/s Dpt idea deco ne dari B'licious Cupcake...

Friday, 25 May 2012

~ Red Velvet ~

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~ Wedding & Engagement Cuppies ~

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Posted below are Wedding and Engagement cuppies order by friends and family members...Enjoy the pics yeah...

~ Vanilla butter topped with Fresh cream~
~ Gumpaste flower ~

~ Vanilla cupcakes topped with Buttercream ~
~ BC flowers ~

~ Chocolate moist with Fondant ~
~ Fondant flowers ~

 ~ Vanilla with Fondant
~ Fondant flowers ~

~ Our Price list of Cake & Cupcake ~

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Here is our price list of cake and cupcake

Small & Medium SIze

Small = 5 cm (W) x 3 cm (H) (2 oz)


16 cupcakes / box = Starting from RM30.00 
25 cupcakes / box = Starting from RM45.00

Medium=5.5 cm (W) x 3.5 cm (H) (2.50 oz)

12 cupcakes / box = Starting from RM35.00
16 cupcakes / box = Starting from RM45.00 
25 cupcakes / box = Starting from RM60.00

~ all prices for simple buttercream design.
~ price  depends on design and decoration
~ extra charge will be added for cupcakes with Edible Image.
~ for Cupcakes+Fondant deco will be added from RM 25-40  of the design.

~ Simple buttercream/FC cupcake ~ 

~ our sample cupcake with Ganache ~

*chocolate moist cake
* butter cake
* chocolate sponge cake
* vanilla sponge cake
* carrot walnut cake
* orange cake
* Marble cake

 * buttercream
* cream cheese
* chocolate ganache
* buttercream + piping jelly
* gumpaste/sugarpaste/fondant

500gm = 6 inch
1kg = 8 inch

> Birthday cake topping buttercream
-RM 30 (6") RM55 (8")
-chocolate moist cake
-butter cake
-sponge cakefilling with choc ganache, strawberry or orange

> Birthday cake topping chocolate ganache
6" = starting from RM 35
8" =starting from RM 60
-chocolate moist cake
-filling chocolate ganache

> Barbie doll cake deco with buttercream
-chocolate moist cake/buttercake
-filling ganache/strawberry/orange

> Barbie doll cake deco with fondant
 - starting from RM150
-chocolate moist cake/buttercake
-filling ganache/strawberry/orange

Continental Cakes (Blackforest,Flain fruit,Blueberry)
8"= RM 55

~ Our Continental Cake ~

~ all prices for simple buttercream design & Simple Continental Deco.
~ price  depends on design and decoration
~ extra charge will be added for cupcakes with Edible Image.

~ for Cakes&Fondant deco will be added from RM 40-100 depends of the design.

~ Our packaging come with window box and ribbon.
~  provided Candle as request.

~ Our cupcake with see tru box ~

~ Provide ribbon,knife and Candles


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